Hey Facebook, Are you ready for Asia?

After Facebook’s 11 year anniversary, Facebook knows Asia is going to be its Biggest Market. Over 50% of what Facebook makes and come from outside US, which is around $6 billion dollars. The majority of its future growth will come from Asia’s powerhouse: India, Indonesia, Philippines and China.

A recent CNN article suggested that Facebook knows that majority of its business is in Asia. The future of its business lies in the eyes of the Asian consumers, who are eagerly waiting for a more assertive Facebook that will reach out to them more. Almost 1 billion people are in queue

People are ready here, and I’m exciting for us and we love Facebook.”- Mike from Philippines. Facebook has definitely become a powerhouse in the world of web. As Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, pushes for his company “Internet.Org” to bring internet and web infrastructure to these Asian countries and Africa, Facebook will definitely grow. Mark knows that they only way to make Facebook an all-time top global company in the history of the world, is to capture the Asian market.


Filipinos, Indonesians, Indian and Chinese people are loyal customers that love great products and service. Their loyalty and passion for the web have created a way for Facebook to grow their presence in those area.

The question now goes back to: “Is Facebook ready for Asia?”