America has forgiven Caitlyn Jenner, but India has not forgiven Salman Khan.


Caitlyn Jenner, once a man now a woman and an American Olympian, Salman Khan, a superstar actor in India, has 2 things in common.

First, both are very popular in their countries and have provided great awareness in their work as professional actors and humanitarians. Both are great individuals that many lookup to. Salman, a great actor and the nicest actor in Bollywood, and Caitlyn (Bruce), a great Olympian and a hero in LGBT community, have become role models to many people and youth

Second, both are part of an accident that has caused a life of an individual. Salman was part of an accident in which his car unfortunately ran over a man and took somebody’s life. Similarly, Caitlyn Jenner was part of an accident in which her car bummed into a driver that resulted to a young woman’s death.



Salman is now out on bail for his conviction of 5 years in prison as Caitlyn won’t likely serve jail time.

The Indian media is on Salman’s case 24/7, in contrast the US media has taken a break in Bruce Jenner’s case.

Who is forgiven?


Thanks Prabu for the story.