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Sino ba talaga ang pinakamayaman na tao sa pinas?? (Who is really the richest person in the Philippines?)

Nag lakad ako sa Mendolia kaninang umaga, habang hawak ko ang biblia kong luma na. Hinugot ko ang aking cellphone at tinawag ko ang aking apo. Tanong niya sa akin “Lolo, si teacher ay may tanong kung sino ba ng pinakamayaman sa Pilipinas?

“Si Henry Sy ba? Si Gabby Lopez ba “- Tanong ni apo. Sabi ko naman, “Si Marcos, Apo”

“Si Marcos ang pinakamayaman nong aking panahon.” Sagot ko.

“Totoo ba yan Lolo”- tanong ni apo.

“Salamat Lolo”- sabi ng apo.




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Hindi Ako Mahirap? (I am not Poor?)

Ako si Diego at ito po ang istorya ko

Asia, Philippines, Manilla, Smokey Mountain Rubbish dump. Thousands of poor and often indigenous people work sifting through the rubbish, recycling materials such as paper, various metal and plastic. They earn about $1 a day. The place is rife with disease.Photograph © Nigel Dickinson

Wala akong pera. Nagsasalita ako ngayon at pagod sa papalimos araw-araw sa Tondo Wala akong reklamo sa buhay pero bakit ba ako mahirap.

philippines 3

Hindi ko alam ang sagot. Mayroon pa rin akong pagasa at gusto ko ng kumain ng tatlong beses sa isang raw. Ako ngayon ay nangangalakal at hindi ako tamad.


Wala talaga akong reklamo. Hindi Ako Mahirap sa Pag-asa. Pagdating sa Pag-asa, hindi ako mahirap. Hindi po ako mahirap.


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Why it’s more Fun in the Philippines?! (Mas Masaya ba sa Pinas?!)

Food, People, Beaches, Nature, Culture, Sports and Famous athletes like Manny Pacquiao.  Philippines has been known for having the most hospitable and friendliest people in the world. But there is one thing that Phillipines is now known for: One of the fastest growing economy in the world. The Philippine Economy has been growing, and growing and growing like never seen before. The flow of money is getting into the consumers’ hands, and in return, those consumers run the economy with spending and creating businesses through entrepreneurship. The millennials, aged 18-35, are fueling the Philippines’ growth as let’s take a look at the fun Philippines.

Let’s now see what makes Philippines so Special!!


  1. Philippines had beautiful people. For the last 5 years, Philippines has won or been in top 5 of the Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Earth Pageant around the World.

Miss Universe-

  1. They have great athletes that has change global sport for good like Boxing. The most popular athlete globally- Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao

  1. They got one of the happiest and friendliest people in the world

Filipino People

  1. The Filipino values and faith are very deep and strong. Every year, millions of people celebrate the “Feast of Black Nazarene” on January 9. Millions of people will come together in the streets of Manila surrounding the Quiapo Church to accompany the sacred wooden sculpture of Christ in a procession. Simply Amazing.


  1. Pope Francis loves Philippines. During his visit to the Philippines early this year, Pope Francis really enjoyed the Philippines and the warm welcome of the Filipino people.

Pope Francis in Ph


  1. The Food is great. From Adobo to Grilled tilapia. Philippines is known to have one of the top best foods in the world.

Filipino Food

  1. They have beautiful Islands. From Palawan to Puerto Galera, Phillipine’s rich island country makes it a top tourist destination around the world!!



Phillipines is growing and it is growing very fast to become a greater powerhouse in Asia. The growth of Philippines, from its economy to sports, has been well documented globally. We all expect more great things to come from them.  Like they say “It is more Fun in the Philippines”


Hey Facebook, Are you ready for Asia?

After Facebook’s 11 year anniversary, Facebook knows Asia is going to be its Biggest Market. Over 50% of what Facebook makes and come from outside US, which is around $6 billion dollars. The majority of its future growth will come from Asia’s powerhouse: India, Indonesia, Philippines and China.

A recent CNN article suggested that Facebook knows that majority of its business is in Asia. The future of its business lies in the eyes of the Asian consumers, who are eagerly waiting for a more assertive Facebook that will reach out to them more. Almost 1 billion people are in queue

People are ready here, and I’m exciting for us and we love Facebook.”- Mike from Philippines. Facebook has definitely become a powerhouse in the world of web. As Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, pushes for his company “Internet.Org” to bring internet and web infrastructure to these Asian countries and Africa, Facebook will definitely grow. Mark knows that they only way to make Facebook an all-time top global company in the history of the world, is to capture the Asian market.


Filipinos, Indonesians, Indian and Chinese people are loyal customers that love great products and service. Their loyalty and passion for the web have created a way for Facebook to grow their presence in those area.

The question now goes back to: “Is Facebook ready for Asia?”




From Popular Science:

“It’s an acronym even a pharaoh could fear. Developed by the Office of Naval Research, LOCUST (for “Low-Cost UAV Swarming Technology”) is a drone swarm launched from tubes. In March, ONR tested the tube-launched drones, and in early April, they tested their swarming ability In the future, American warships may launch swarms of up to 30 autonomous, swarming drones. There’s even a demonstrated planned for 2016.

The tube-launched Coyote drones have folding wings and propellers, so after they leave the tube they unfold their otherwise cylindrical bodies into flying form. They are small drones, with about an hour of endurance, a top speed of over 90 mph, and a weight no greater than 13 pounds.”


Below is the video on the LOCUST drone technology:


To read more visit:

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Will BuzzFeed Fail?

I remember sitting in my work chair and getting a notification from my phone that said “Facebook is launching Instant Articles”. I sat in complete silence for a minute, then I took my laptop, went on a corner and opened my google homepage.

Confused to what Facebook Instant Articles was, I googled it twice, three times, again, then again, and again. I read every single article about Facebook instant articles. But I found no article was coming from BuzzFeed regarding Facebook Instant Articles. I then sat for another minute and thought to myself “Why is BuzzFeed so quiet?

BuzzFeed gets its 75% of total website visitors from social media outlets like Facebook. For example, you are on your Facebook homepage, then an article from BuzzFeed named “Leonardo DiCaprio Might Be A Human Puppy” pops up to your Facebook newsfeed. You then clicked this article, and this will lead you to BuzzFeed’s website. You just increased BuzzFeed’s number of visitors.

This is the BuzzFeed’s model. In short, you go to your social media homepage, you see their article, you will then click it, then you visit their site, then BuzzFeed’s traffic just went up. This is a powerful and brilliant tech media publishing strategy that made BuzzFeed worth 800 Million Dollars.

Facebook instant articles is a new service that Facebook launched that would not let Facebook users leave their Facebook pages once they click on a BuzzFeed article. This is going to affect BuzzFeed’s business model tremendously and will slow their traffic.

“BuzzFeed is really quiet”- I told myself. This time I expanded my google search by putting in “Facebook instant articles buzzfeed press blog”. I finally found an article about the Facebook Instant Articles named “Making Content For The Way People Consume Media Today” where Ashley McCollum, BuzzFeed Chief of Staff, talks about the change and its effect in today’s media. The article has 1 comment which is unlike BuzzFeed’s other pages.

Why is BuzzFeed so quiet about this change? Are the golden days over? Where will BuzzFeed website traffic come after Facebook implement this? What will be the next chapter for BuzzFeed? Will BuzzFeed Fail?



Tokyo to San Francisco: US woman sets out on her rowboat for a 6000 miles Pacific crossing

From Yahoo News 6/7/2015:

HOSHI, Japan (AP) — The best part of being on the ocean for weeks at a time, says Sonya Baumstein, is the stars. The worst? Being wet, all the time.

Baumstein, an athlete from Orlando, Florida, waited for weeks to set out in her custom-designed rowboat from Choshi, a port east of Tokyo, headed for San Francisco. With a few last-minute adjustments to her supplies and a brief call to her parents, she rowed out of the marina on Sunday, a tiny sliver on the glittering horizon, hoping to finish the 6,000-mile (9,600-kilometer) journey by late September and become the first woman to row solo across the Pacific.

Only three other rowboats have made the journey, and no woman has ever done it alone.

Having already rowed the Atlantic to the Caribbean, the 29-year-old has a pretty clear idea of what all those weeks at sea will be like. With relatively clear skies, she may get the peaceful, starry night she was hoping for.


How social media helps the US Air Force target and destroy ISIS HQ Building


Do you know that social media posts can be deadly, if you are enemies of the United States?  The U.S. Air Force can now use social media posts made by ISIS to determine location of targets (in Iraq and Syria) to be destroyed by air strikes.

Much has been made about the ability of ISIS to master social media to recruit and broadcast their victories. But the U.S. Air Force is turning the militant group’s eagerness to share on social media into that intelligence that produces targets.

Air Force Gen Hawk Carlisle, head of Air Combat Command, described Monday how airmen at Hurlburt Field, Florida, with the 361st Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group, recognized a comment on social media and turned that into an airstrike that resulted in three Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) bombs destroying am Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) headquarters building.

“It was a post on social media to bombs on target in less than 24 hours,” Carlisle said. “Incredible work when you think about.”[1]

Perhaps intelligence gathered from social media is more valuable than e-mails.  Terrorists try to use e-mails carefully (e.g. write encrypted e-mails) as not to expose their next move.  However, if some of the immature terrorists post some selfies (on social media) with terrorists activities in the background, this might expose more information than e-mails can.  ISIS is a plague that must be destroyed, and we have to thank the U.S. Air Force for doing its job right.




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